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To sell fast and for more, buyers need to feel an immediate emotional connection with your home. 

Here’s how we make that happen for you:

  • We do an initial walk through your property. During our walk, we simultaneously evaluate whether any improvements to the home would help make a big splash and add to the sales value of your property. We then get quotes for the desired scope and present them along with our staging proposal.  Due to our experience in the field, we are also able to manage the approved home improvements from start to finish.

  • Once you have signed and agreed to our staging proposal, we assign your project to our calendar and schedule any necessary improvement work.


  •  With an all new inventory, Revere Staging pulls from our extensive collections and curates the perfect furnishings, artwork, rugs and accessories needed to sell your home.

  • We deliver and install the staging to your home or listing. 80% of the work associated  with staging your property, is completed back at the warehouse. This preparation, allows us to limit the time we spend on site staging your listing. Each item is pulled intentionally, which means we know exactly where the item will be placed, before we arrive on the day of staging. 

  • After your property sells, we remove the staging. We take pride in this process, as it is the result of a successful sale of your home or listing. We leave your home or listing as we found it for the new owners. 


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